Shakespeare Speaks!

We had a great time exploring Shakespeare’s language by reading Macbeth and choosing lines to use as inspiration for short stories or poems.

I was particularly impressed with this one by Gem:-

Why speak to me with traitors tongue?
Squeezing your lie out from my lung.
Why kneel so pretty and plead for my hand
Then weigh me down so I can barely stand

Why do you dress me in borrowed robes?
Hang those dead girl earrings upon my lobes?
Canst thou not bear to see my face, my eyes,
Without surrounding me with past loves lies?

Why do you call me by others name?
Hang her portrait within my frame?
Won’t thou ever leave candle by our bed?
And see that it is she, not I that is dead.

And this one by Anna:-

Stars, Hide Your Fires

Stars, hide your fires.

Turn away and search no longer.

She is gone.

No light can touch her, nor guide her.

No midnight, spring-light glow,

No summer white-light haze,

Nor autumn misted pin-prick bonfired spark,

Or winter-glittered frost.

All is gone.

Only ash remains.

Stars, hide your fires;

For she no longer flames.

I’m really looking forward to doing this with the other groups now.

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