How to Write a Love Letter

Suffolk Writers Group’s Tips for Writing a Love Letter

1. Say what inspired you to write the letter
2. List the things you love about them
3. Describe a particular moment – use the senses
4. Say how your life would be without them
5.  Say something about the future.


I was thinking earlier how much you mean to me. I was working hard on the computer and I looked over to see that you’d left me a cup of coffee. I’d not asked for one, and you’d not waited for me to say thank you. This is my thank you.

You are the most amazing person I have ever met – so beautiful, so intelligent and you are always so thoughtful. Just three of the reasons why I love you so much. You are so wonderfully kind and good. Not only to me. Everyone who meets you feels the warmth of your beautiful spirit.

I remember our first holiday together. How we’d saved up ages to afford to go to Paris one August bank holiday. We were walking down the banks of the River Seine, sun shining down on our heads, the smell of blossom in the air and you told me how silly you felt. You said that you felt out of place with all the glamorous women around. I laughed, of course. You couldn’t see that you were more beautiful than any of them.

Without you, my darling, the world would be a sad, strange, confusing place.

I want to be with you always and if you ever think I’m taking you for granted or if I haven’t told you I love you often enough, take me by the arm, look me directly in the eye and say, ‘Stop!’ and I’ll drop everything, right then, and I’ll do everything I can to make you feel as loved and as happy as you make me feel every day.

Love Always,

Me xxx