Beginners and Intermediate Creative Writing Course

Did you love writing stories at school but never find the time these days?

Would you like to be inspired to work more creatively?

Do you dream of having a book published?

This course is a great place to start as it’s suitable for beginners as well as anyone who would like to improve their creative skills.

Venue: Ipswich (IP3 9TS)

Dates/times: Every Tuesday evening in March 2019. (7.30pm to 9.30pm)

What you’ll need: notebook, pen and a folder for A4 handouts.

The focuses  for the sessions will be:

Tuesday March 5th – Close character observation

Tuesday March 12th – How to put your character in a setting

Tuesday March 19th – Writing from different points of view

Tuesday March 26th – Writing a  dramatic scene

The course costs a total of £30, payable in advance.

For further details, email Mai Black at

Visit the website at

Or call/text me on 07943 068033

Homework is optional on the course although it would be great if everyone could bring a 100 word (approx) description of a character to the first session.

Here’s an example of the sort of thing you might bring along. I searched in Google Images for ‘Lady in a Cafe’ and used the picture for inspiration.

Woman Sat at Cafe Table by Andy Lloyd

She has a heart-shaped face, pale and flawless in its complexion, framed by a curtain of long dark hair, loosely gathered to one side. The eyebrows are arched and penciled in, maybe just a shade too heavy for her face. Her eyes are a light grey, and are staring fixedly at nothing, or maybe it’s simply the light she is looking at, the way it gleams on the dark oak counter. The woman is wearing a dress is of pale cream silk or satin and she has thigh-high velvet boots. She is easily the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. – MB

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