reading and writing love poetry

‘The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you’ – Rumi

Would you like to discuss classic and contemporary love poetry in a friendly, supportive group?

Would you like to learn about different forms of poetry and writing techniques?

Do you want to be inspired to write your own poetry and have the opportunity to receive feedback on your work?

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Mai Black – Course Tutor

This course consists of ten one hour workshops delivered via Zoom, spread out over ten weeks. The intention is to help you gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of poetry as well as inspire you to write a variety of new pieces of your own. It is suitable for both experienced poets and absolute beginners.

Starts: Mon 5th April 2021 (7.30pm to 8.30pm)

Ends: Mon 7th June 2021 (7.30pm to 8.30pm)

Each session costs £5 and lasts for one hour (total £50)

I have recently added a Tuesday session too. This will run from Tuesday 6th April to Tuesday 8th June. Again, it will start at 7.30pm and end at 8.30pm. The content will be the same as for Monday’s group.

Email for enquiries.

Participants on the ‘Nature Poetry’ Couse

Each week, participants will read the poem in advance and try to think of a comment to make or question to ask. All the poems (together with links to the texts) are listed below. After a reading, sharing of ideas and brief input from me, everyone will write a short piece which can either be shared straight-away or worked on before the next session.

On weeks five and ten all participants can choose to read a short published poem as well as one of their own pieces.

The course costs £50 for ten one-hour sessions and is payable by direct debit. If you email me your mobile phone number, I can text you my bank details.

There are only eight places available on each course. I can confirm a place once I receive payment. If the course is cancelled for any reason, I will reimburse you.

Unfortunately I can’t offer automatic refunds if you decide not to join the course at a later date but, if someone else is able to take your place, I will endeavour to do so.

For more information, email

Or phone me on 07943 068033 (I’m Mai – pronounced May)

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Suffolk Writers Group at work and play. (I’m in the middle at the top).

Here is some of the lovely feedback I received about the last course.

‘This course has been great fun giving me the experience to return to poetry and fully appreciate it.  When I was at school the teacher hated poetry so I never went back to it. I have learnt so much in a relaxed and informative way.  Thank you Mai for a great experience.  I look forward to the next one.’ – Jacqui Martin

‘All I can say is thank goodness for lockdown. Without it I’d never have found this lovely group. Mai is great – I’ve learnt so much in such a short length of time.’ – Sue Dale

‘Brilliant insightful course, rediscovering the beauty of language.’ – Ian Speed

‘It’s such a supportive group and Mai does such a great job in keeping us motivated.’ – Ian Hartley

Poems for discussion and inspiration

Week 1 – Meeting at Night – Robert Browning

Week 2 – Three short poems – Rumi

Week 3 – The Clod and The Pebble – William Blake

Week 4 – Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer’s Day – William Shakespeare

Week 5 – Member’s Choice (one of yours and/or one by someone else)

Week 6 – I Wanna Be Yours – John Cooper Clarke

Week 7 – My Letters! all Dead Paper – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Week 8 – A Marriage – R S Thomas

Week 9 – I Do Not Love Thee – Caroline Norton

Week 10 – Member’s Choice (one of yours and/or one by someone else)

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One thought on “reading and writing love poetry”

  1. With Mai’s courses I finally learned to understand and enjoy poetry, and even write my own, delving into aspects of the English language I had never thought about before. Mai made each class a delightful experience, the hour rushed by, and the group members were exceptionally supportive.
    Susan Sadler

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