About me

7b781dffce681823fc70fc0db23ddaa7_400x400[1]I love writing groups! Whether attending or running them, nothing beats sitting round a table with lovely people learning new things, discussing ideas, writing and sharing work

In June 2012 I set up a writing group at Gainsborough Library in Ipswich, which I ran on a voluntary basis. After a year of leading the group, when I had more members than room to fit them in, one of the participants suggested that I lead groups on a professional basis and in September 2013 I started Arlingtons Writing Group.


(Above: Gainsborough Library Group)

My experience as a volunteer group-leader has proved invaluable. Besides this, I have a degree in English Literature from Kent University and am a trained teacher with ten years’ experience working in schools specialising in English.

I have read widely on the subject of creative writing and have also attended a variety of workshops and writing courses.

I write a range of genres. Here are some of my personal successes:-

  • Two plays written for and performed by Avenue Primary School.
  • Short stories published in Best and Suffolk Magazine.
  • A prize-winning travel article published in The Telegraph.
  • First place in a competition to write a short story for adults with special needs.
  • A magazine article in Let’s Talk.
  • A short story, a recipe and a piece of non-fiction written for primary-age children and published by CGP Publishing.
  • One of three winners in a poetry competition run by Norwich: City of Stories.
  • I have also written two novels for children age eight to twelve.

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