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Match the themes to the poems

Major Themes Explored

Revenge, Environmental Issues, Education, Human Potential, Reputation, Beauty, Story-Telling, Wealth, Sexism, Unfairness, Greed, Wisdom, Community, Justice, Love, Human Frailty, War, Mysticism, Archeology, War, Empire

Write the major theme or themes explored next to each poem.

Many of these are open to interpretation and there is always more than one answer.

Name of GhostThemes or Themes
Neanderthal Woman 
Helen of Troy 
Julius Caesar 
Genghis Khan 
Abu Bakhr II 
Joan of Arc 
Wu Zetian 
Mansa Musa 
La Malinche 
Anne Boleyn 
Henry VIII 
William Shakespeare 
Adolf Frederick of Sweden 
Marie Antionette 
Margaret Catchpole 
Mary Shelley 
Maria Quiteria 
Abraham Lincoln 
Queen Victoria 
The Unknown Soldier 
Grigori Rasputin 
Marie Curie 

Here are the major themes I had in mind when I was writing. It may be that you interpret them differently.

Name of GhostThemes
Neanderthal WomanEnvironmental Issues
Helen of TroyBeauty
Julius CaesarReputation, Unfairness
CleopatraWisdom, Beauty
Genghis KhanCommunity, Environmental Issues
Abu Bakhr IIReputation
Joan of ArcRevenge
Wu ZetianReputation
Mansa MusaWealth
La MalincheReputation
Anne BoleynSexism
Henry VIIISexism
William ShakespeareReputation
Adolf Frederick of SwedenGreed
Marie AntionetteJustice
Margaret CatchpoleLove
Ludwig van BeethovenUnfairness
Mary ShelleyEnvironmental Issues
Maria QuiteriaSexism
Abraham LincolnHuman Frailty
Queen VictoriaEmpire
The Unknown SoldierWar, Unfairness,
Grigori RasputinMysticism, Wisdom
Marie CurieHuman Potential, Education

Educational Resources – Thirty Angry Ghosts

Feel free to make photocopies of any of the worksheets for educational purposes. If possible, email me to let me know how you got on. I’d love to hear from you.

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Underneath are some activities you may like to do based on the poems. You can also contact me to arrange a visit.

To get in touch, email me at

(I give further details about visits at the bottom of the page).

Ideas for school and college-based activities

Students can discuss which themes are explored in the poems. (Click here for activity.)

Students can identify and discuss some of the metaphors used in the poems. (Click here for examples)

Students can list examples of similes from the poems. (Click here for examples)

Students can discuss the use of other examples of figurative language in one or more poems. (Click here for my analysis.)

As a class, discuss how to give a compelling reading of an Angry Ghost poem. In groups, students can practice and perform the poems together with condensed versions of the biographies at the back of the book.

After reading and discussing some of the poems, ask the students to write their own angry ghost poem. (Click here for inspiration).

Run an Angry Ghosts Poetry Competition

Ask students to write a letter to one of the ghosts.

Students can think about who a poem is addressing and write a response from them.

Students can follow the recipe and have a go at making some Semla buns. Click here for the recipe.

Students could write their own version of one of the poems as a diary entry, a song, a play or a story.

Students can act out an interview with one of the ghosts.

Ask one person to ‘freeze’ in the role of one of the angry ghosts. Other people take turns to stand behind them and whisper their thoughts.

Students can read my analysis of Mary Shelley and then write about their own poems in a similar way. (Click here for my analysis)

Students can work as a group/class to make a collage or tapestry of the angry ghosts.

Artwork by Hemant Doshi

Students can work as a group/class to produce a poetry collection. If you wish to self-publish, here is a quick guide: Mai’s Guide to Self-Publishing.

Students can use Mai’s Editing Guide to help analyse their own poetry.

Typical Costs for Author Visits

Author talk including poetry performances and optional Powerpoint – £70 plus expenses

Talk with performances (including additional actors in costume) – Prices start at £100 plus expenses

Author-led workshop for pupils aged over eleven – £70

Adult workshops – £70

Prices are negotiable for block bookings and if you buy multiple copies of the book.

Performing as Anne Boleyn, Margaret Catchpole and Mary Shelley at The East Anglian Storytelling Festival 2022
Performing as Queen Boudicca at ‘Cuppa’ in Felixstowe.