Ipswich Intermediate Creative Writing Course – November 2019

Start Date: 5th November 2019

Course Ends: 3rd December 2019

Cost: £40

This five week creative writing course will take place on Tuesday evenings (7.30pm to 9.30pm) at 23 Damselfly Rd, Ipswich, IP3 9TS.

The ideal participant is someone who has had some previous writing experience and is keen to hone their craft and improve their techniques through a range of fun, interactive activities.

5th November – Be Inspired!

Meet the rest of the group, flex your writing muscles and share any ideas that you are currently working on. It would be great if you could all bring a short piece of writing – either your own or something from an author you admire. One hundred words is ideal. Bring five printed copies if you want slightly more detailed feedback.

If sharing story ideas, make sure that you can describe your idea in a simple, easily understandable form. If in doubt, find someone to test it on first.

12th November – Whose Story is it Anyway?

After discussing opinions from different experts, you’ll be reading and writing a range of materials to help decide which perspective you’re most comfortable with. You’ll also learn if and when it’s OK to transfer from one character’s head to another. How can you achieve it without confusing the reader and breaking the flow of the story?

19th November – Learn by Imitation

The Alchemist Best-Selling Novels
If you haven’t already done so, please read this popular novel before the start of the course.(It’s quite short.)

The greatest writing teachers in the world line your bookshelves and, for those more electronically minded, live in your kindle.

Bring along one hundred words from a writer you admire and another one hundred words where you have continued on from their piece. Brave people will ask us to guess where the join is, others may tell us ahead of time.

During the session we’ll be working in pairs and individually to imitate a range of styles and plots. You should leave the session with a greater understanding of how close your own work is to the writing of your literary heroes and, if you feel you’ve a way to go, what steps you can take to get a little closer.

It would be helpful if, before the session, you could familiarise yourself with ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coehelo.

26th November- The Beginning and The End

Many people start to write novels and short stories, fewer get them finished. In this session we’ll work on ways to start your stories at the end. Write the final chapter and the rest should come easily. Do you agree? We’ll test out the theory together.

3rd December – What’s Next?

Everyone will share a piece of work for feedback and will set their own writing targets. What would you like to achieve by the end of 2019?

There will also be a writing competition which could earn you a free notebook and £5 off one of my regular Thursday evening sessions.

Homemade cakes and refreshments are included in the price.

Costs and Payment Methods

The course costs £40 and your place is guaranteed from the day I receive payment. There is only enough space for eight participants so, if you’re keen to attend, I recommend making the payment as soon as possible.

Payments can be paid in cash, by bank transfer or by cheque.

To pay by bank transfer, send me a text and I’ll message back my bank details: 07943 068 033

To pay by cheque, send £40 payable to ‘Mai Black’ to 23 DamselflyRd, Ipswich, IP3 9TS.

Cash can be dropped off at my home address in an envelope with your name attached.

Sorry, I can’t offer refunds unless the course is cancelled in which case full payment will be returned to you.

To ask any questions, email suffolkwritersgroup@gmail.com

Alternatively phone 07943 068033

Writing Class of March 2019.

A regular Thursday night session. Visit http://www.suffolkwritersgroup.com for details.