Work Written By Group Members

The Field of Cats

In the open space where all the cats go

There is wild grass and crickets chirruping

Poppies, daisies and buttercups


There is something rustling nearby.

A furry head pops up

And in the gorse bush, a ginger face appears

They approach me


One wants a stroke

One walks in circles round me

One leans his head on my leg

Another cautiously sits down next to me


In a nearby garden

I hear a lonely dog.



Winner of 2014’s Young Suffolk Writer of the Year



Damselfly Writing GroupDamselfly Group Picture

I am slouched into one of the many seats of the oval, pine table that encompasses the room. Its surface is cluttered with mugs, muffins and manuscripts. Crystals, candles and coasters bring character to its marked but polished frame. On this occasion I am surrounded by the people who feed my brain with the knowledge to bring life into my work. Eyes down, pens out, and keyboards ready we create new worlds and characters for the universe of fiction.

By Timothy Howard (back row, second from left).


The Best Story in The World by Jack aged nine and a half boy

The monster doesn’t have eyes like headlamps, horns like daggers or teeth like icicles. He’s just a normal monster.

I won’t tell you what the monster looks like, sounds like, feels like and smells like. I won’t tell you where he lives. You must use your imagination.

Yesterday, the monster ate my English teacher.

That was the exciting part of my story and if you don’t feel excited by thinking about a monster eating a teacher, there’s absolutely nothing I can do for you.



Free the writer within.

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