A Course in Intrepid Writing

by Karyll Browne

The streetlights shone down mystically in the town street on a mild autumn evening. They parked their cars higgledy-piggledy, grabbed their notebooks and pens, and entered the ‘Writers Den’.  A warm welcome was always proffered.  Delightful flapjacks hit the spot.  The writers got down to business, exchanging morsels of ideas and enthusiasm for their work. 

As the weeks flew by and the evenings darkened further, the writers became more confident and willing to share their dreams. There were book writers, blog writers, short story writers – all tentatively finding their way to expanding their creativity in the secure and comfortable space provided.

The traffic light feedback system – green for ‘go lightly’, orange for ‘give me some ideas where I can improve’, and red for ‘sock it to me, be honest’ – was always used wisely and accepted with grace.

Fun and games were employed to improve understanding and enjoyed immensely.  Planning was abound for what could be their next masterpiece. Beginnings and endings were challenged. Was that meant to be the 1st person, 2nd or 3rd they were writing about?

Their minds were aroused to write creatively, short and long episodes to capture the imagination.  The writers refined their workings, knowing they could one day be published.

Alas, the course nights came to an end. Winter was upon them and they would hibernate, writing deeply, testing out plots and conclusions.  They waited for spring to arrive and the chance again to indulge in learning more to meet their insatiable appetites for the written word.