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Inspired by Shakespeare

Last week’s task was to write a piece ending with a line from Macbeth.

Cathy created this moving piece in only ten minutes and was kind enough to let me use it here.

She uses simple language to give a powerful effect. I connected immediately with the character and her surroundings:-


I have nothing better to do this afternoon than walk. Walk and watch. The sun has lightened the grey walls of the high street. The rain, heavy but swift, has gone leaving darkened patches on the paving stones and a smell of metal. It is undeniably summer and the shoppers are out, chatting to each other about the weather’s turn. No need to rush inside. Those kids – I recognise them from down my road. Only yesterday, it seems, they were speechless and chubby in pushchairs, now raucous and skinny, dressed in the latest gear. I see myself in the shop window. Grey. This is what happens as the seeds of time are scattered.


Perhaps you’d like to have a go yourself. Choose a line from Macbeth to have as your finishing line and write a paragraph to precede it.

Send me your results. I’d love to see them.