Karen Harradine

I have only recently started to attend Mai’s writing groups. After my first session at Arlington’s, I felt confident enough to write my first short story and enter this into a competition.

Teresa Martin

I look forward to Wednesday evenings. I had written on-and-off for years but always in isolation. Having a talented bunch of people to bounce ideas off is great and the feedback is incredibly helpful.

Clare Rodger

I joined the group in November 2013 and it’s always a fun, creative evening.  It’s good to be surrounded by people who are as passionate about writing as I am.

Megan Musgrove

I joined the Writer’s Group as way to improve my writing skills. I stayed because the encouragement is fantastic, it has inspired a lot of new ideas and the people are just lovely.

Graham Cleaver

Writing was always something I’d promised myself that I’d try after I retired. The combination of a friendly group of like-minded people and expert, supportive tuition is just what I needed.

Jen Pierce

I think it can be quite daunting going to a group like this for the first time, but everyone is so friendly and supportive. The group has inspired me to finish my first novel. I always look forward to Wednesday nights now!

Mike Tunstill
Just to say also how useful I’m finding the sessions. It’s not always only the apprentice who needs encouragement.

One thought on “Testimonials”

  1. I am new to the group and have been to only two meetings so far, but already it is something I look forward to all week. It is friendly and welcoming and I feel I can get some sincere and helpful criticism of my writing; I can get enough ego strokes at home. I have joined the group because I want to improve and am confident that I will. The structuring of the time we have together is good and I really appreciate the discipline – having to write for some of the time – and also the discipline of homework. The one-to-one feedback is helpful. But it isn’t all terribly serious. We have a laugh. Oh, and Mai bakes cakes, too – great spice cakes! And Callum brought flapjacks which were lovely! Really looking forward to Thursday! ”

    — Peter Eveleigh

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