Karen Harradine

I have only recently started to attend Mai’s writing groups. After my first session at Arlington’s, I felt confident enough to write my first short story and enter this into a competition.

Teresa Martin

I look forward to Wednesday evenings. I had written on-and-off for years but always in isolation. Having a talented bunch of people to bounce ideas off is great and the feedback is incredibly helpful.

Clare Rodger

I joined the group in November 2013 and it’s always a fun, creative evening.  It’s good to be surrounded by people who are as passionate about writing as I am.

Megan Musgrove

I joined the Writer’s Group as way to improve my writing skills. I stayed because the encouragement is fantastic, it has inspired a lot of new ideas and the people are just lovely.

Graham Cleaver

Writing was always something I’d promised myself that I’d try after I retired. The combination of a friendly group of like-minded people and expert, supportive tuition is just what I needed.

Jen Pierce

I think it can be quite daunting going to a group like this for the first time, but everyone is so friendly and supportive. The group has inspired me to finish my first novel. I always look forward to Wednesday nights now!

Mike Tunstill
Just to say also how useful I’m finding the sessions. It’s not always only the apprentice who needs encouragement.

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